Dianna Agron having lunch with friends in Los Angeles, April 22nd.


“When Nick and I went on our first date, my parents were visiting, in London, and my dad goes, ‘Jen, have you told him I don’t mind going back to prison?’ Nick didn’t bring it up until later, in the cab. He’s like, ‘So…when was your dad in prison?’ ” she chuckles gleefully. “The meaner my family is, the more you’re in. When my family’s nice and stiff, that’s when you’re in trouble.”

Hoult is the one subject on which she is measured, delivering the practiced lines with obvious discomfort: “We never want to open our relationship to the media. We never want to walk a red carpet together. We never want to put ourselves in a position of people watching our relationship.” But pressed for details, she admits they spent a month together in Africa this summer while he was shooting a remake of Mad Max.

"  - ELLE UK, December 2012 (via fckyeahjoult)

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Breaker of Chains
Breaker of Chains

I will survive

I’m gonna make it through

Jennifer Lawrence spends Easter in NYC Before ‘GMA’ Appearance

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